Fynbos Landscapes Wooden Decking

A well installed deck is the best way to link your interior with exterior, expanding your space. Wooden decking adds warmth and dimension to your home and works well with most hard landscaping. The possibilities are endless from creating an elegant entertainment area to the perfect place to sunbathe poolside. Not to mention boardwalks, walkways, verandas as well as charming al fresco dining areas, there really is a fantastic variety of spaces you can create with decking. We have often used decking to resolve tricky levels on some properties with great success.

Our decks are handmade from scratch, utilising only the best raw materials, bringing these together with the world class Kreg Fixing system which ensures no dials are visible. This makes for a sleek, seamless and professional finish.

Call us for a consultation and we will advise on design, best installation as well as which decking wood will work best for your space and budget.