Fynbos Landscapes Natural Swimming Pools

Swimming is a much more pleasant experience without the itchy red eyes and chemicals, some of which can be harmful when inhaled as well as harsh on your skin. As the name suggests, natural swimming pools are an aquatic ecosystem on a smaller scale, with all the benefits of mother nature.

A natural swimming pool completely eliminates the need for chemicals and constant cleaning. In addition to being eco friendly, they are cost effective in the long run, as there is no need for costly monthly chemical purchases. These “green” pools utilise a biological cleaning process, circulating the water though a natural ecosystem of aquatic plants resulting in refreshing and pleasantly soft feel to the water.

Not only this, but it adds a beautiful natural element to your property, which compliments and integrates with the surrounding landscape. Hours will drift by while enjoying the view sipping on sundowners or enjoying your morning cup of coffee. Whilst entertaining your guests will be wowed and perhaps a little envious when visiting, admiring how you have bought nature into your city dwelling. You may well cancel those mini weekend breaks as you fully enjoy your outside space.

Children will revel in this environment as they explore and learn about the natural environment and gain understandings of the natural world.

How do we achieve this? We have created bio engineering that suits the South African climate with skimmers which keep the surface clean. Creating bespoke designs to ensure your creation is unique and special to you. This includes low maintenance and low energy (another cost saving!) and green, eco-friendly solutions.