Fynbos Landscapes Koi Ponds

A koi pond has got to be the ultimate water feature, the soothing sound of water together with the mesmerising movement of beautiful koi fish, is a sure way to relax after a demanding day in the office. You will spend hours watching these colourful fish move through the tranquil and crystal clear water, feeding time quickly becoming a fun family activity.

As Koi are much larger and grow quicker than other fresh water ornamental fish, they require more space, resources and oxygen. This in turn means they produce more waste which contains ammonia and carbon dioxide. Because ponds are static bodies of water, it is only a matter of time before the water becomes stagnant. This is why it is crucial to have a filtration system in place. This includes a mechanical and biological system, skimmers gather the majority of surface debris while the bottom drains remove any debris which may have sunk to the bottom of pond

Koi ponds need to be designed and installed by professionals, avoid utilising regular swimming pool contractors, as the filtration systems in koi ponds are much more complex. The condition of the water is of key importance to your koi fish and anything less than the best water quality will be unfair to these majestic creatures. Avoid disappointment by getting a specialist in. Koi ponds can be tricky as well as cause you hours of unnecessary maintenance when not installed correctly.

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